Rotisseries and shaker in one unit 


Common facts 

∙ Digital microprocessor control[PID] for highest accuracy

∙ Rubber magnet sealed door

∙ Orbital shaking platform with clamps for 6X250ml flasks

∙ A wide choice of rotisseries, especially large capacity rotisseries for small and large bottles

∙ Optional rocking platform for washing and shelves

∙ Unique dual insulation construction for recovering the set temperature rapidly after opening the door

- safety features:

∙ Flashing alarm lamp to warn over- temperature

∙ Over-temperature cut-out with safety thermostat


▶ An examples to use

∙ Nothern blotting

∙ Southern blotting

∙ Immuno blotting

∙ DNA Extraction



MODEL combi-SV120
Temp. Range Ambient +5°C~80°C
Temp. Accuracy ± 0.2°C
Speed Rotation 7 ~ 40 rpm
shaker 40 ~ 300 rpm
Timer(temp.) 99hour 59min
Meterial Inside chamber : Stainless steel
Weight 36kg
Dimensions (mm) Overall : W485×D425×H460
Internal : W365×D280×H286
Wattage 450W
Power AC 100-240V
(*220-230V : CE cert)
Frequency 50/60Hz



Model NumberDescription
12RT-480mm Diameter×200mm length bottle - capacity : 4ea
12RT-860mm Diameter×200mm length bottle - capacity : 8ea
12RT-1240mm Diameter×200mm length bottle - capacity : 12ea
/40mm Diameter×120mm length bottle - capacity : 24ea
12RT-8V50ml Conical tube - capacity : 8ea - vertical mount
12RT-12V50ml Conical tube - capacity : 12ea - vertical mount
12RT-16V50ml Conical tube - capacity : 16ea - vertical mount
12RT-24H50ml Conical tube - capacity : 24ea - horizontal mount
12RT200-641.5ml Centrifuge tube - capacity : 64ea
12RT200-961.5ml Centrifuge tube - capacity : 96ea
12RT200-1281.5ml Centrifuge tube - capacity : 128ea
Model NumberDescription
BT40-12040mm Diameter×120mm length bottle with silicon cap
BT40-20040mm Diameter×200mm length bottle with silicon cap
BT60-20060mm Diameter×200mm length bottle with silicon cap
BT80-20080mm Diameter×200mm length bottle with silicon cap
Other Accessories
Model NumberDescription
12RK-SVRocking Platform (W285×D195×H165, tilt angle : ±7°)
HY-BagHybridization Bag, Polypropylene (W160×D220mm)
FR250-6Shaking platform(W336xD250) 250ml flaskcapacity:6ea
FR250-6Shaking platform(W336×D250mm)
12 ShelfShelf, Patridish : 6ea (W336×D250mm)
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